Follow the Ozsports Radio Cricket all season long on the Ozsports Broadcast Network. The Commentary Team will once again broadcast 1-2 games a day during the 2019 UNI Sport National T20 Cricket Event. An audio stream during the lead up to the event live from Adelaide in November. Ozsports Radio Crew and Team will be hitting the  road to broadcast live on air right here on this page and on the Ozsports Social media audio streams  The Ozsports Radio Cricket will also feature both Men’s & Women’s matches. Join the Ozsports Radio Cricket Commentary Team as they broadcast from the booth and will be assisted by members of the Ozsports media team. Also an opportunity for you to join the broadcast either at the grounds or via our webpage and via social media.

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The event is scheduled for Monday 25 to Thursday 28 November, leading into the Test match that commences on the Friday. We currently have a booking for the eight University of Adelaide fields at Parks 10 & 12 (CBD North Parklands) and West Beach, and also hope to use Karen Rolton Oval for the finals on Thursday 28 November. How many fields we use each day will obviously depend on the number of teams that enter.

Last year’s event held in Campbelltown (NSW) saw 12 teams participate (men’s competition only), with us using six venues each day with two matches at each venue. We anticipate that there will be more teams for this year’s event, and hopefully we will be able to get a women’s competition running in some capacity as well.

We have not yet opened team registrations for the event, this will occur on 16 September and remain open for four weeks. From there we will then be able to start planning a draw, subject to teams registering the requisite number of players.


Be a Commentator on Ozsports Radio Cricket.

Are you as opinionated as Geoffrey Boycott, funnier than Phil Tufnell, smoother than Jonathan Agnew or, God forbid, as verbose as Daniel Norcross? If so, you could probably get yourself a job on Test Match Special. Sadly, openings there are hard to come by and you usually have to wait until someone has died to get your opportunity. In the meantime, then, why not brush up your skills on Ozsports Radio Cricket. Cricket, the unofficial finishing school for the Beeb, Talksport and the like?

We are looking to add to our roster of ball-by-ball commentators, summarisers, and twitter and jingle operators for the minimum of the length of the UniSport Nationals T20 Cricket event, to be held in Adelaide, South Australia in November 2019, of live cricket coverage we are producing this summer. If you are steeped in the game, are original in your thinking and believe you can bring something extra to our alternative coverage, don’t hesitate to get in touch (knowledge of politics, the arts and sciences and an understanding of the importance of cheese and crisps in the Western diet helpful but not obligatory).

Ozsports Radio Cricket is an equal opportunities employer (we say employer, but we don’t actual pay at the moment as all the money we raise through crowdfunding, our archive and our merchandise store is ploughed back into improving the programme) so do not be put off if you consider yourself the next Alison Mitchell, Jim Maxwell, Isa Guha or Ravi Shastri. Although, if you are you Ravi Shastri, do not reapply.

If you have a great knowledge of the game but are not confident of your ball-by-ball skills, still get in touch as there are plenty of opportunities for you to make an impression and it may be that you can learn on the job. Those who think they have ball-by-ball skills are invited to send an MP3 recording of any work they have done or simply make  a short sample from some commentary off the TV and send it to Darren Andrews at Ozsports Radio Cricket.

Daytime availability is a strong advantage and although you can drink on air, you will not be forced to.

To apply click on the link: Ozsports Radio Cricket Commentator

Each broadcast begins a half hour before the first bowl with the pregame show, the coin toss followed by the entire game featuring all the play-by-play action. After the excitement we will wrap it all up with a post-game show, including all the highlights and announcing the “man or woman of the match”. Cricket is a radio game, and the Ozsports Broadcast Network will deliver the excitement of each bat, run, catch six hit and run out as the pride of Australia’s Universities take the field in 2019.

Take the Ozsports Online Radio Cricket with you everywhere you go on by downloading the Mixlr app to your phone. You will never miss a minute of the action!

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