1: Selection Night Episode 1 3rd June 21

Shepp & Thommo were joined by former North Adelaide player Liam Verity who now plays for the Modbury Hawks Football Club. Shepp and Thommo delved into what is a good nickname for athletes and how did they arrive at that nicknames.

What all athletes dred is the I word (Injury) Shepp & Thommo and Liam discussed what injuries they have suffered in the name of playing and umpiring.

Shepp and Thommo looked at all the local, grassroots footy (Aussie Rules) ladders and up-and-coming rounds.

Shepp & Thommo also cast an eye across the NPL and State League fixtures and results.

Shepp & Thommo are looking for your Club Legend. If you have someone at your club who goes above and beyond why not nominate them for Club Legend of the Year. The Winner will be crowned Club Legend of the Year and take home a voucher from Rebel Sports.

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Selection Night with Sheep and Thommo