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Would you like to have the Ozsports Radio Live Sports Commentary Crew  come out to your sporting event/commentate your sports season or do you do have a special day at your club or is there a state or national event you would like to have commentated?

Why not get in contact with the Ozsports Radio Crew to look at options for your event.


Ozsports Online Network (Ozsports Radio) is seeking expressions of interest from those who would like to join our volunteer commentator crew as either a play-by-play caller, match analyst (special comments) or boundary rider for Ozsports Radio’s Call of Norwood Flames senior Men & Women home games at the ARC in Campbelltown, commencing at ….. ……

Our preference is for those who are former or current women’s/men’s/basketball players or coaches, or are current media students, looking to build their experience in live sports broadcasting.

As we are all volunteers and balance doing Ozsports Radio with our job/study/sports commitments, we understand your availability can be limited, and are always happy to work around that.

Former (and current) Ozsports Radio members have gone onto work for the ABC, 1116 SEN, Fox Sports, AAP, ESPN and AFL.com.au – as well as take part in the ‘Making the Call’ and ABC sports commentary workshops.

A Basketball Statistician will compile the most important statistics of the game that are to be presented by the commentators or by yourself and curate the statistics for each team throughout and after the game has finished. A statistician is a keen observer with a knack for seeing important numbers and statistics where others may not. A statistician also has a creative bent of mind to turn mundane numbers into fun or engaging statistics.

To Apply click on the link:

Ozsports Basketball Statistician Commentator