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Ozsports Online Network is a South Australian based online sports media content creator. We work with sporting organisations/clubs and national and international sporting events to create and produce sporting media content what can be either audio through our online sports radio station Ozsports Radio. Our professional and knowledgeable commentators commentate sporting events bringing the action to the listeners as if they were at game themselves.

Our visual side of Ozsports Online Network is a weekly online review show with hosts who are involved in the sports and know the game inside out. Working with the sporting organisation to produce a weekly review show with guests, game footage and interviews and all the news results from the around the competition league.

At the moment all the staff at Ozsports Online Network are all volunteers and are all mad sports fans and are involved in the love of sports and want to share that passion with other sporting fans.

To help us become bigger and reach a wider audience we need your help! We are looking at expanding and looking at working with more sporting organisations/sports events both national and international.

If you would like to sponsor a live sports commentary at a sports event on Ozsports Radio or podcast mention what show or podcast in the form below.

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Team Hatchard v Team Marinoff in The NAB AFL Women's All Star Game

Two of South Australia’s most distinguished draftees have been recognised with their surnames adorning the two teams set to play in Friday’s NAB AFLW All-Stars Match at Thebarton Oval. All Australian Ebony Marinoff and Crows ALFLW Club Champion Anne Hatchard will be honoured when Team Marinoff and Team Hatchard collide under lights from 6:45pm. Team […]