June 15, 2021

Ozsports Online Network

Where Sports Come To Play

Ozsports Online Network (Ozsports) –  is based in South Australia, Australia. Ozsports is an online visual and audio sports media outlet.

Ozsports has different media areas from our weekly review shows and our live sporting online radio station Ozsports Radio.

We publish sports stories on a regular basis keeping the website up to date. Our online sports magazine is published each month.

  • Ozsports was started because our founding CEO Darren had a passion for sports and the media. Darren thought how can he combine both of his passions sport and the media. Out of his research Ozsports was born back in 2009. Darren having volunteered at numerous local and national and international sporting events the most notable being the 2000 Paralympics being held in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia. 
  • Ozsports works with sporting organisations/leagues in South Australia and national events. 
  • Ozsports Online Network is the overarching organisation then we have different arms of Ozsports – Ozsports Radio (live sports commentary and the Wednesday Rub live & podcast.) Visual arm – supplying visual needs to sporting organisations and events.  
  • Ozsports CEO & Senior Producer is Darren Andrews founded Ozsports back in 2009. 

In short, Ozsports is a one stop sports media creation and broadcaster agency, supplying all of your sports media, broadcasting needs.